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Daisy Turquoise Towel

Daisy Turquoise Towel

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Our beach towel is the perfect choice for those seeking comfort and style. With a generous size of 37.5” width, 76” length, these towels are extremely absorbent and quick-drying, with no worries about sand, thanks to their prewash. They are versatile and suitable for all occasions, from the beach to a picnic day. Plus, they complement your style with a variety of prints, that seamlessly match our San Lorenzo bikinis. Enhance your beach experience with these versatile towels, bearing the unmistakable touch of San Lorenzo Bikinis!


This delicate fabric must be handled with care.
- Hand wash gently with soap.
- Do not use a dryer machine.
- Dry naturally.
- Do not soak.
- Do not bleach.
- Do not twist.
- Avoid contact with sun lotions, cosmetics, or rough surfaces that could stain, damage, or affect.

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