Introducing ANIMAL - The New SL Swimwear Collection to bring out Your Inner Animal Spirit

Introducing ANIMAL - The New SL Swimwear Collection to bring out Your Inner Animal Spirit

 This new swimwear collection, ANIMAL, was designed to awaken the inner animal spirit in every woman and bring out the raw, primal instincts that reside within us all.

ANIMAL Copper V-Cut Thin Brief Bikini Bottom

Inspired by the wilderness of Africa, ANIMAL embodies the spirit of this magnificent continent and its breathtaking wildlife. From the intense black and skin tone colors to the bold animal prints, each piece of this collection is designed to make you feel confident and empowered.

ANIMAL Desert Snake Ribbed One Shoulder Bandeau Top

ANIMAL Desert Snake Ribbed Ruched Brief Thong Bottom

The ANIMAL collection features 4 solid intense black and skin tone colors, as well as 4 animal prints that are sure to bring out your raw primal instincts. The golden zebra print symbolizes the boldness and fearlessness of the feminine spirit, while the jungle cat print embodies the impulsive and instinctual character. The cheetah print represents speed and agility, making it the perfect choice for the girl who knows what she wants. Lastly, the desert snake print embodies the intelligent and native sense of the girl with intuitiveness.

ANIMAL Black Bra Halter Bikini Top

ANIMAL Black Elastic Thin Brief Bottom

ANIMAL is not just a swimwear collection, it's a celebration of the animal spirit within us all. It's for the girl who owns her energy, knows her power, and walks with fearless confidence. It's for the woman who embraces her inborn, instinctual side and isn't afraid to be herself.

ANIMAL Cheetah Ribbed High Cut Loop One Piece Bikini

With ANIMAL, you'll be able to embrace your natural instinct and show off your animal side. Whether you're lounging on the beach, swimming in the ocean, or playing in the water,  ANIMAL will make you feel confident, inborn, and fierce.

ANIMAL Golden Zebra One Shoulder Bandeau Top

ANIMAL Golden Zebra Ruched Brief Thong Bottom

This collection is also made from high-quality 100% biodegradable materials that are both comfortable and durable. So, you can enjoy your day in the sun without having to worry about your swimwear fading or losing its shape.

ANIMAL Copper Bra Halter Bikini Top

Unleash your inner animal spirit and let your primal side shine in a kini statement with ANIMAL, the new SL swimwear collection that embodies the raw, primitive character of the modern woman.

 ANIMAL Black Bra Halter Bikini Top

ANIMAL Black Elastic Thin Brief Bottom


Our location shoot on the Cape Town, South Africa, and we were privileged to experience so much ♡ 

Special thanks to our photographer and model.

photographer: @talyabrockmann

Model: @lollynqanqase


Shop exclusively Animal Collection here.

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