Introducing 'L'Amour:  A Dream Collaboration — SL x Cindy kimberly @wolfiecindy

Introducing 'L'Amour: A Dream Collaboration — SL x Cindy kimberly @wolfiecindy

Rediscover vintage glamor with San Lorenzo’s most charming kini collection in this exclusive collaboration with Cindy Kimberly. This angel is not only incredibly gorgeous but wildly talented, playing a key creative director for the entire collection, art director for the vision, photography, as well as styling. 

L'Amour" is an ode to a time when sophistication and style were paramount. 

Inspired by a chic European getaway, this collection was made for star angels who exude confidence and sophistication, reminiscent of the classic Hollywood starlets.

 L'Amour Moss Bikini Set

The girl wearing this collection is the epitome of old-world charisma with a touch of modern sparkle. Her style is effortless, yet magnetizing, and she carries herself with allure and radiance. She's a romantic at heart, with a love for all things nostalgic and glamorous. Her presence of star quality leaves onlookers spellbound by her beauty and charm.

Cindy Kimberly — Our Creative Angel

At the heart of this exclusive collaboration is the highly anticipated @WolfieCindy, our muse and the mastermind behind the entire production. She's not just extraordinarily gorgeous; she's extraordinarily skilled; playing the lead role in bringing this collection to life. With an artistic vision that's second to none, Cindy Kimberly assumed the entire production, wearing multiple hats as the key creative director, art director, photographer, and stylist. San Lorenzo girls couldn't be more thrilled and proud of the bikinis, as this dream collaboration with @WolfieCindy has truly exceeded all expectations.

L'Amour Scottish Plaid Bikini Set

The Ultimate Collection

"L'Amour" is more than a collection; it's a work of art, a celebration of elegance, and a nod to the glamorous past. With 10 distinct styles and 10 colorways and patterns, this collection has something for every size, shape, body, and skin tone. Whether you're dipping your toes or lounging poolside at an exclusive party, we’ve designed each piece with precision and passion.

L'Amour Citrus Bloom Bikini Set 

L'Amour Stone Adjustable Bikini Set

We've harnessed the essence of SL bikinis and the finest materials, textures, and precise cutouts, combined with Cindy's unique design perspective, to craft bikinis that are genuinely one-of-a-kind and unmatched in swimwear.

L'Amour Black Roses Bikini Set

The Allure of 'L'Amour'

This isn't just any bikini collection; it's a journey into the world of vintage glamour. Inspired by the sophisticated charm of European getaways, "L'Amour" is here to redefine your nostalgic style. We've channeled the allure of old-world charisma and infused it with a touch of modern sparkle. The result? A collection that's poised to dazzle and captivate.

L'Amour Moss Hoop Ring Bikini Set

L'Amour Citrus Bloom Bikini Set


A Romance Beyond Compare

Prepare to be captivated by the star quality and angelic power of @WolfieCindy. This collection isn't just about style; it's about a romantic rendezvous with fashion. We invite you to rediscover the beauty of vintage beauty, reawaken classic elegance, and embrace the allure of yesteryears. 


L'Amour Stone Interlace Bikini Set

Indulge in 'L'Amour'

Cindy Kimberly has poured her heart and soul into this collection, and now it's time to indulge in the magic. With "L'Amour," you're not just getting a bikini; you're getting a piece of art, a taste of sophistication, and a touch of European allure. Get ready to experience 'L'Amour' – it's about to sweep you off your feet. 💖🥀

  L'Amour Scottish Plaid Bikini Set

As we unveil 'L'Amour,' we invite you to embrace the romance, sophistication, and vintage charm of this collection. With 10 distinct styles and 10 colorways and patterns, there's something for every size, shape, body, and skin tone. Don't miss out on the opportunity to rediscover vintage glamour in an exclusive chic poolside collaboration. It's time to embrace 'L'Amour.'

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