Introducing Tahiti Mana 🤎

Introducing Tahiti Mana 🤎

Introducing Tahiti Mana
(the launch of new-age sustainable bikinis)

Where it all started.

At the heart of the Pacific Ocean, lies the most treasured polynesian islands of Tahiti. The perfect location for our most dedicated, biodegradable range. Exclusively new to San Lorenzo, this 100% biodegradable swim line is our most comfortable, softest, sustainable pieces we’ve ever made and the highest quality out there. This idyllic paradise island suited the collection perfectly; naturally unspoiled, raw and pure.

But first Mana. 

  1. Mana 

[noun]  polynesian meaning for the spiritual life force energy or healing power that permeates the universe

The abundance of life is everywhere here in the paradise of Tahiti. Mana in the scenic volcanic mountains, the undisturbed true natural rainforests, and a close deep level of respect and connection for wildlife; be it sharks, stingrays or whales migrating the Pacific Ocean. 

With pristine clear natural lagoons and waterfalls, this heavenly place remains mostly unaffected and unaware of other cultures except its own. Elders still speak only Tahitian; their traditions are held close to their hearts as they connect genuinely with their family and friends, and the natural environment around them. The people here: beautiful, friendly, warm and inviting. This naturally preserved island couldn't be more perfect for the launch of our new SL sustainable collection. 

Constantly pushing the boundaries of sustainable technology, we’ve made our biodegradable bikinis even better. Made in Brazil, our previous collections of swimwear were already standing the test of time, lasting 5 to 10+ years before naturally disintegrating. In this collection, we play with durability even more, making this line the highest quality, durable bikini line out there. It is also the most comfortable, softest and buttery-like bikinis ever felt, touched or seen.

The design, shape, cut, fabric and color ways for this collection is intentional and carefully considered. Not only is it the highest quality eco-friendly swimwear line, we imagined it to be fun and exciting to feel and wear. In this line we reflect on the intensity of brightness in colors you would normally wear; pinks, blues, turquoise making the pigments deeply richer, playfully standing out during your ocean swim. Being premium made also means the colors never fade with San Lorenzo bikinis, so you’ll always have a richness of color in your Bikini Wardrobe. 

Unique details come with all SL designs, be it a side criss-cross or cute back features to make your bikini distinctive, yet balanced with a familiar shape, a scoop neck top, one piece or cheeky bottom.

This is the collection you’ll love (and wear) forever. 

Shop exclusively Tahiti Mana Collection here.

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