Summer Passport Event

Summer Passport Event

Summer Never Ends

Summer happens year round for San Lorenzo. 

On August 9th, we teamed up with some babes to have our Summer Passport Event come to life! This included a VIP shopping experience at our Huntington Beach location, an exclusive party bus ride, and a private cabana cocktail party at the Pasea Hotel. 

LEFT: Natalie Morris (@natamals) shopping through our FLOR collection
RIGHT: Dayna Marie (@daynamarie) has many options to choose from 

The girls had the whole store to themselves with unlimited time to choose which bikini was the best fit for them. With so many options to choose from, it’s no wonder they had handfuls of our bikinis they wanted to try on!

ABOVE: Daniela Legarda (@danielalegarda) enjoying herself on the party bus with the other girls

Now that these babes have picked out their favorite bikinis, they are on their way to the Pasea Hotel. What better ride is there than taking a party bus? This gives them time to have fun and mingle with one another. 

LEFT: Views of the Pasea Hotel
RIGHT: The girls soak in the sun while lounging in the pool area

Now that they’ve reached the hotel, the girls can get their tan on with our San Lorenzo bikinis! Located on the coast of Huntington Beach, the Pasea Hotel is the perfect location for picturesque ocean views and great service. 

LEFT: All the girls get together in their private cabana 
RIGHT: Jessica Lesaca (@jessicalesaca) fills her plate with the food provided; courtesy of the Pasea Hotel

The girls revitalize themselves with the tasty food before they continue lounging by the pool. They enjoy each other's company while chilling in their private cabana. What a great way to end our Summer Passport Event!

LEFT: Dayna Marie (@daynamarie) wearing our RETRO Vintage Plaid Cross Back Multi Tie Top with Vintage Plaid Loop High Waist Bottom
RIGHT: Kendra Willis (@mizzk.o) wearing our ESSENTIAL SOLIDS Coral Cross Back Band Halter Top with Coral Thin Brief Bottom

A special thanks to everyone who joined!

Photographer: Mara Friedman (@marafriedmanphoto)


Miranda Derrick (@itsmirandaderrick)

Jessica Lesaca (@jessicalesaca)

Nikki Howard (@nikki_howard)

Kendra Willis (@mizzk.o)

Cora Kim (@lovemicorazon)

Natalie Morris (@natamals)

Daniela Legarda (@danielalegarda)

Emmy Combss (@emmy.combss)

Dayna Marie (@daynamarie)

Madina Shrienzada (@madinashrienzada)

Francesca Tryon (@frannietryon)

Zea (@zeebee_g)

And a very special thanks to the Pasea Hotel!

21080 Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA, 92648

Pasea Hotel (@paseahotel)

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